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We make sure all our new clients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of.  Please contact us to set up a phone consult with our clinical director, Megan Carrick, MOTR/L and she can help guide you as you try to decide if an occupational therapy evaluation is right for your child.  

Discussing your concerns with your physician/pediatrician is always a wise first step in determining the possible need for an evaluation or intervention.  Additionally, classroom teachers and other early childhood providers may also offer some useful guidance in a parent's search for answers.  


What to expect from our team...

Our team is made up of occupational therapists, physical therapists, educators, and an excellent administrative team. 

We are a group of skilled expert clinicians that specialize in working with children, families and the team.  We provide a thorough examination of each child's profile and ensure that we communicate our findings and impressions to the parents/caregivers and the necessary team members.  

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No-Show and Last Minute Cancellation Policies:

In the event that your child is not able to attend the scheduled session, Kids In Sync must be contacted 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment in order to avoid a no-show fee. The no-show fee is the full cost of the scheduled appointment and cannot be billed to insurance.

We allow for 2 last minute cancellations due to illness in a 12-month period without charging.